Crossing the “finish line” into the IT profession

Kip Wright – Genuent

Written by: Taryn Plumb

Produced by: Zachary Brann

It is an intensive three months. From day one, participants dive deeply into specific technologies, IT systems and platforms. Beyond getting into the specs, they perform case studies, analyze real-world data, practice best and worst-case scenarios—all while honing their presentation, negotiation, business and personal skills.

And after 12 weeks? “They are promoted to a full analyst or consultant, and are available for assignment,” says Kip Wright, president and CEO of IT staffing firm Genuent. Simply put: “They are ready to work.”

A modern challenge; a unique model

This is Talent Path. Genuent launched the immersion program to help new IT professionals get jobs, and to assist employers in their growing need to secure qualified technology talent. [Read the complete article…]