How To Be A Team Player in Your IT Career

Richard Calhoun | Resource Development Manager – Dallas, TX

Teamwork makes the dream work. In your IT career and any job for that matter, it is extremely important to be a team player. Team players stand out to both management and their peers and are generally the people most highly regarded. When you are a team player, you are helping everyone to succeed and pushing for the achievement of the team as a whole. In my position, I deal with IT sales and recruiting working together in a symbiotic relationship to constantly help each other out. For example, the sales team brings in the jobs and the recruiting team works to bring in candidates for these jobs. Recruiting also helps sales by finding leads and in turn, sales helps recruiting by selling these candidates to the clients.

If you’re not completing the steps necessary to provide for your team, then you are not able to accomplish the end result. It is important to support each side of the conversation and strive for excellence in all areas of the team – not just yours.

The Top Skills Needed To Be A Team Player

If you want to succeed, it is crucial to be a team player at your organization. You have to provide constant support to your team to be able to grow in your IT career – and the only way to do so is to help make other people better.

These are some of the top skills needed to support your IT team’s growth:

1. Leadership– A great skill for any individual – and even better for a team. It doesn’t matter whether you are an entry-level professional or the VP, it is important to always be a leader on your team. Anything from helping someone understand a job or working one-on-one with team members that need direction and guidance are all ways to demonstrate leadership. If you lead by example and show your drive for success, you are encouraging the rest of your team members to do the same.

2. Understanding– Understanding the needs of your team is essential in being a team player. Whether that is helping others to understand their client’s needs or the technologies behind what their clients are trying to accomplish, knowing what the issue is provides you with the ability to create a solution. Understanding what your team needs as a whole and listening to these individuals are great ways to help them reach their goals. If you’re not actively trying to help others reach their goals, then there’s no need for a team at all.

3. Ability to help your teammates succeed– For example, help others with interview preparation, break down their jobs and understand what they’re looking for, and find out the best practices for each individual to manage their business. If everyone continues to help each other succeed, then the team is able to reach their goal.

How Being A Team Player Helps In Your IT Career

If you create team goals, then the only way to achieve them is by everyone working together and pushing towards them. Your team is not going to reach those goals unless everyone works together as one. By becoming a team player, you are encouraging everyone to be on the same page and have that same growth and success mindset.

Being a team player helps you in your IT Career to provide for the achievement of everyone. If only certain individuals are doing the work or if you are only focused on bettering yourself in the workplace, then the team is not able to grow. However, if every single person on the team is working on being the best team player that they can, the team is successful.

You want to be able to share your knowledge with others, collaborate as a team, and not only set yourself up for success – but, set everyone else up for success as well. Whenever I share my ideas for sales and recruiting efforts, it gets everyone involved. If everyone has compassion for their team members’ problems and helps to overcome them, then ultimately the team succeeds as a whole.

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