Regardless of the type of industry that you work in, Genuent is able to provide results custom to your needs and requirements. We understand that your goals will be unique and we are able to provide solutions that are specific to them. Our range of vertical markets has given us the experience needed to help you with your Information Technology staffing requirements.

Information Technology

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Genuent has successfully staffed IT professionals to support all business network infrastructures. We can help with tactical and operational resources needed such as hardware, system administration, desktop support, asset management, service desk as well as higher level resources within the storage, server, virtualization, networking, data management, backup/archiving, and ITIL domains. As a leader in the IT staffing space, we deliver staffing support to every vertical market segment.

Financial Services

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The landscape for the financial services and insurance industry is changing at a rapid pace. With increasing government oversight, now more than ever professionals with strong IT backgrounds are needed. At Genuent, we support all aspects of the financial services and insurance industry, matching the unique hiring needs of the market with our comprehensive Talent pool of IT experts in the transactional, operational, technical and administrative arenas.


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Energy companies, including utilities, alternative energy and oil and gas firms, face many unique challenges to successfully and cost-effectively recruit, develop and retain Talent. In an industry faced with ever changing technology and regulations, you need a reliable IT infrastructure. We are highly experienced in energy IT staffing solutions on all levels, in all market segments.


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Genuent provides expertise in IT staffing solutions for the telecommunications industry. In today’s information age, providing qualified Talent with engineering expertise in the telecom arena is in great demand. Whether it’s voice, data, VoIP, wireless broadband, LAN/WAN, OSP, project management or operations technology, we are on the cutting edge of the industry’s ever evolving technology needs and will match your company with the industry’s top Talent.


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Genuent provides full-service IT staffing solutions to government entities and contractors on the federal, state and local level, as well as to civilian and education agencies. Whether it’s strengthening a bid or staffing up after being awarded a contract, we can help align technology Talent to meet the specific goals and budgetary needs of the project. We understand the complex nature and regulations associated with government contracts and can help you secure the highest quality IT candidates.


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As the healthcare industry continues to digitize, there’s a growing demand and tighter supply of skilled IT professionals with specific experience in various IT and electronic health record products. We have extensive experience delivering top Talent to support the healthcare industry—talent that understands complex regulatory compliance and security issues. Whether it’s clinical application support, project management or system design and implementation, we provide superior IT solutions.


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Now, more than ever, with the increased reliance on email technology and the sensitive nature of information governance, the legal market relies on the skills of superior IT professionals for cyber security of electronic discovery, digital forensics, investigations, as well as litigation and trial technology support documents. Genuent provides top-notch Talent solutions and identifies highly qualified IT professionals with expertise in the legal information business to meet all your staffing needs.


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The retail industry is undergoing dramatic changes, as customers demand a seamless shopping experience. E-commerce is becoming a necessity to stay competitive, and the rapid pace of the retail environment makes it difficult to keep projects fully staffed. Let Genuent shorten your company’s hiring cycle by providing a steady stream of top-tier IT Talent that aligns with the specific skill set needed in your retail specialty niche.


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At Genuent we provide a vast resource pool of IT engineering and design experts who propel business performance for our clients in the engineering market. We use our extensive resources to match top quality Talent with engineering jobs in the mechanical, civil, electrical, aerospace, construction and architectural engineering fields – saving our clients both time and money in the hiring cycle.


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We understand in order to stay competitive, the manufacturing industry must stay on the cutting edge–developing innovative solutions, adopting new technologies and improving manufacturing processes. With supply chains moving from regional to a more global platform, there is a huge need for high quality IT Talent to oversee automation, collaboration and business intelligence. Genuent provides IT hiring solutions to meet the challenges your company faces to propel forward in the worldwide marketplace.


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