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Do you have concerns with your environment’s security?
Are your vulnerabilities & risks being assessed?
Are you collecting personal, protected information?
Is your compliance a proactive or reactive security concern?
Have you built or reevaluated your business case?

Most information security organizations report that 80% of work hours are spent on daily upkeep while 20% of work hours are spent on specific projects and forward-looking work.

The typical information security department personnel report difficulty in getting budget for the needs of the organization because they lack the ability to put the security needs into a business case that is appreciated by leadership.

While intrusions are a major concern of both companies and the information security department, the work goes well beyond with information rights management, cloud security, information governance, shadow IT, and user education.

The Genuent Information Security practice is built on over 10 years’ experience providing information security professionals across a wide array of challenges. We understand the critical nature of your role and work with you to provide the talented information security professionals you require.

Want to understand the current information security landscape?

Check out our preview video to see a high level discussion between Martin Littmann of Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, Pierluigi Stella of Network Box, Gabriel Montague of NRG and Chris Lanier of Stage Stores. To view the full panel discussion, please complete the form below and you will receive the link.

Assessment & Validation

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Utilizing experts within your industry and technology portfolio, we are able to come in and work beside you to perform a security assessment. The goal of the assessment is to identify the current security posture of your environment. The assessment provides recommendations for improvement allowing organizations to reach a security goal that mitigates risk and enables the organization. From what is critical to what controls are in place to the current security posture to defining countermeasures, we work with you to build the overall assessment.

Business Case Development & Communication

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Our personnel work alongside you to build out an overall business case for your information security requirements. We work with you to define the business case as well as all communication needed to bring your organization’s business case to leadership and management. Our team understands the unique challenges you face in protecting your organization. We are able to work with you from the building of the business case through to management presentation assisting you in driving your needed security plan in business terms that will get funded.

Security Plan Development

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Our team works with you to develop an overall information security plan that positions you to mitigate, transfer, accept or avoid information risk related to people, process, technology and data. The comprehensive information security plan looks at: 1) key business process documentation, 2) identification of critical data, 3) new technology initiatives, 4) cloud, 5) internal threats, 6) bring your own device and mobile, 7) legacy system issues, 8) collaboration, supply chain and remote access, 9) monitoring, and 10) risk management.

Security Implementation

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Beyond the strategy, assessment and business case is the need for implementation. We are able to provide the needed information security professionals to implement against the security plan. Our team is able to place the dedicated security consultants you require to supplement your staff or fully administer the project.

Security User Education

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We hear every day that the greatest threat to your information security environment is people. Our team is able to build education and support services for internal and external users and oversee user education workshops with in order to drive down incidents and bring full awareness to your community.

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