SharePoint Programmer Analyst

Job Title: SharePoint Programmer Analyst

JOB ID: 19-00235

City: Sunnyvale

State: CA

SharePoint Programmer/Analyst -  Project Consultant - Sunnyvale, CA. 

Genuent has a need to hire a SharePoint Programmer Analyst for our Government client in the Sunnyvale, CA area.  If you're interested, please email your MS Word resume to Terence Sanchez, 714-465-5479 or phone or phone Valerie Berry at 916-772-8158. 

Required Skills/Experience
•    SharePoint Online (365/2016) experience including at least six implementation projects built from scratch within the last five years.
•    Managed Metadata experience including Term Store, Columns, and Tagging
•    Ability to create and configure new sites, new site collections, new site templates, new page templates, groups, roles, add document types, document libraries
•    Create and configure lists and forms
•    Create custom branding

 •    Develop an organizational structure, using SharePoint Online to store site data in an efficient, sustainable, searchable manner utilizing industry best practice methodologies
•    Create a standard for Metadata management for long term use of the site which is easily managed and maintained by site administrator.
•    Configure pages to display sample data set focusing on ease of use and a user intuitive interface for non-technical, new and infrequent users
•    Ability to zoom in and out of the document/image with minimal image quality degradation.

Background information of project
Our Government client in need of a centralized, user friendly interface that allows access to standard operating procedures (SOP), record drawings, equipment information, process control descriptions, operating manuals, regulatory information and historical data from the various systems being managed at the water pollution control plant (WPCP).
Quick access to the facility’s documentation is imperative to effective process operations and troubleshooting by reducing the amount of time spent searching through endless folders of partially obsolete information.  It also facilitates transition of institutional knowledge from departing employees.
Our goal is to develop the pilot site within SharePoint Online.
Services Requested
Seeking Professional Services to develop a pilot SharePoint Online site to display and interact with a sample data set of existing Operations and Maintenance content. This effort will include establishing a front-end interface based on CLIENT input, defining navigational concepts to be utilized throughout the site, and configuring back-end storage of reference data to allow for simplified data management. The consultant will organize content and data files utilizing best practices in metadata management and establish a standard template for data storage and display pages that can be expanded upon going forward.


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